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Saturday, December 4, 2010

LJ Smith

LJ Smith the writer of the Night World, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Dark Visions, and Forbidden Game series. I understand that these books have been out for awhile and that these are the reprints, but they came out awhile ago and I wasn't reading yet when they were published originally. 
The Night World series. This is the second series that I read that had to do with vampires and other supernatural creatures. I loved the love stories and how each of them was from a different point of view. Like some of them are from the female, human point of view. While others are from the female, witch point of view. LJ Smith is an amazing writer and I can't wait for the reprint of Strange Fate to come out.
The Vampire Diaries is another one of my favorite series. About a year ago this series was made into into tv show. I loved the love triangle of Elena, Damon, and Stefan in this series. I liked how Damon was the brooding bad guy who could also be really pretty kind. I liked the Return addition to the series. I like how Damon really gets to show who he really is. My favorite character would have to be Elena. She is strong, kind, caring, and can be annoying though. She has her flaws but it makes her more believable. I wish that she was kinder to Matt though. He was a reliable friend and she doesn't really treat him well. The TV show isn't bad. I normally hate it when they make a movie or show based on a series of books because it normally ruins them for me. This time though I thought that the TV show took on a life of it's own. It is no longer the Vampires Diaries like the books but a different version of the Vampire Diaries. I can't wait for the newest edition to this series, The Return: Midnight.

I haven't read this series, but I am planning to. Especially considering that LJ Smith is such a good write. I have high expectations for this series.
Again another good series by a great author. Kaitlyn is an amazing character. I like how she is the odd one and that she grows to be more sure of herself. That she finds love and someone who melts her ice cold heart. I love Gabriel who is just a misunderstood person. He is bitter and angry at the world for his misfortunes. He learns about what is good in the world and he finds love. Rob who starts how being so innocent of the world because of some accident that gave him his powers, he ends up falling in love but having it taken away too. With all that he stille understands that Kaitlyn loves Gabriel and he doesn't resent it. Rob takes this well and keeps his fairly positive out look on life. Rob and Gabriel are like two different sides of a coin. Rob is good, light, and he heals people. Gabriel is bitter, angry, and he takes hua. Mr. Zetes is an amazing antagonist and I like how Joyce and Mr. Zetes's daughter end up seeing that what they are doing is wrong and turning on Mr. Zetes. Overall I loved the plot and the writing was really good.
Another great series. I like how the antagonist of this series ends up giving his "life" to make sure they all get away. I also loved Jenny. She was sweet and strong. She was pure and good in a way that no one really is. I didn't like her boyfriend though. It seemed more like he would take advantage of her and that he was too sure of himself in the beginning. I love how the series is kicked off with a strange game store and a game that sends them into the shadowland in which they have to conquer their fears or die. It's kind of melodramatic.

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