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Monday, March 7, 2011


Here is the second chapter of my fanfic Talk Show From H***.

Some stagehands come out and stop Ren from pulling the head off. They say something about editing this out of the show and how they quickly went to break. Everything goes back to normal. At least as normal as it can be with Ren and Bo glaring at each other. I wonder who Bo really is. (Ren). AHHH! That was soo close! I can't believe he almost found out I'm Bo(Kyoko). The two of them were so deep in thought that they didn't realize that the show came back from commercial. After a couple of awkward seconds the host quickly continued…
Finally the show was wrapping up. Kyoko and Ren actually began to enjoy it after the initial problems. That is until the end. The host says "Well thank you Bo, and Tsuruga Ren we certainly enjoyed having you on our show today. It was interesting to say the leat. Now ladies and gentleman we have Fo Shuwa here today to perform his newest song." Lots of clapping and noise coming from the audience. Ren and Bo were glaring again, this time not at each other. They were staring at the singer Fo Shuwa. The hate waves coming off the two of them caused the room's temperature to drop suddenly…
After the show wrapped up Kyoko rushed into her dressing room to change. Ren still wanting to know who Bo really was ended up finding her in her dressing room while she was getting out of the Bo suite. "Kyoko?" Ren was really surprised. I can't believe that she knows how I feel. Meanwhile Kyoko was on the floor apologizing. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to deceive you. I just wanted to help and you seemed so depressed those times. Please forgive me your lowly kohai." Ren was stunned. Did he have to spell it out for her? It seems that she still hasn't caught on that Ren is in love with her. "Kyoko do you need a ride home?" Ren asked…
That night there were two people who couldn't seem to go to sleep. Kyoko was up all night thinking of earlier. Ren said that he wasn't mad, but he sure seemed like it. She was thinking of the ride home. Ren barely talked at all to her. I knew it. He's mad. Maybe I'll apologize again in the morning. Around 2 am Kyoko was finally able to fall asleep. Meanwhile Ren was up thinking about Kyoko. He was surprised and quite annoyed that she still hasn't figured out that he loves even though he made it really clear. That night he fell asleep worried about what the next day would bring…
Kyoko woke up early this morning. She was still half asleep when she made it downstairs and was about to leave for LME. Kyoko was surprised to find Ren waiting outside for. "Do you need a ride?" "No, I'm fine." Kyoko replied. "Kyoko." Ren said while giving her his scary smile. "Are you going to get in?" Kyoko scrambled in while saying hello to Yashiro. She really gets freaked out by that smile. Ren felt bad, but he didn't feel arguing with he right not. The car ride was relatively quite except for Kyoko and Yashiro trying to start a conversation. When they arrived at LME Kyoko jumped out of the car. "Thank you so much Ren. I've gotta go bye." Kyoko bowed and quickly left. "Ren your face is slipping again." Yashiro warned him.
Later in the President's office, Ren and the President were discussing his parents. Apparently they want to visit, but Ren is not very happy. "What if they give the secret away? I came here to make a name for myself and something is bound to go wrong. I want Kyoko to know the truth at least before they come." Ren argued. "Ren, they will respect your wishes, but their your parents. And concerning Kyoko you should just tell her." "I know, I just don't want her to get scared and run away from me, or hate me." Ren frowns falling into a state of depression no one would ever expect to see of Japan's Number 1 Most Desirable Man. "Don't worry Ren she'll come around." Ren stands up and leaves.
A Couple of Days later
Kyoko was out of breath after rushing to the airport. I am so late. I can't believe I lost track of time again like this. When she see Kuu Hizuri she suddenly perks up. "Otou-san!" she screams and runs up to give him a hug. A bunch of people lookup to see a crazy looking girl run up to Kuu Hizuri. All of them are wondering why she is referring to him as otou-san. When giving Kuu a hug Julie steps out from behind them. Kyoko steps back and looks surprise. Julie takes a step forward and gives her other "son" a hug. "Hello I am so happy to finally meet you, Kyoko. You can call be Okaa-san or Julie." Kyoko is still frozen is shock. When she comes back around she smiles and returns the hug. "Okay. Hi Julie."
The three of them get into the limo and drive to the hotel.

Gray Wolf Throne Cover Reveal

First I would like to say sorry. I really haven't had enough time to keep up with this blog. I have been busy lately and I will try to keep up better from now on. I know this may be old news, but I thought I would share it anyways.

The Gray Wolf Throne
by Cinda Williams Chima
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Release Date: September 20, 2011

Summary: No Summary as of yet. Sorry.

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