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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am so sorry that I haven't posted recently. I've been really busy with school and what not. Also I have found the wonders of Fan Fiction. I also wrote the first chapter of my first fanfic. I thought that I would share ti with you guys. Well here it is and please don't judge me harshly I don't really have any idea what I am doing. Plus I do not own Skip Beat! which this fanfic is based off of. Oh and some of the characters are out of context. I just liked them better this way. 

Anyways here it is:

"Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome back. Here we have Japan's most desirable man, Tsuruga Ren! So please tell us, I'm sure we all want to know, is there a special someone in your life right now? We all know that you don't really date around, at least no one knows if you do. But everyone has that special somebody, right? So, who's yours?" Ugh, why is it every time I do an interview they ask these questions (Ren). "Well as you guys all know I am very busy. It is hard to really find time to date around. What with all the work I do. So no I do not have that special somebody." Ren gives her his very fake smile. The host clearly trying to get it together. "Well I guess that makes sense." I KNOW!(Host) The host smiles dangerously. "Well then. I know after all these years this might have crossed some people's minds. No one ever hears about your private life. It seems as if you haven't ever had a girlfriend, which is a surprise considering who you are. Could it be possible, are you gay?" Collective gasp from the audience. Image of sweet Kyoko comes to mind. Where do they come up with these ideas.(Ren) The host is slightly uncomfortable. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. NO! It's not that big a deal. I can ask whatever.(Host) " I mean it certainly seems like it. What about that guy who follows you around everywhere?"
On the other side of Tokyo. A sweet young woman is staring at the TV. Could it be possible? Is Tsuruga-san GAY? Of course not she mutters. He wouldn't talk to Bo about the high school girl if he was.
Back on the show. Tsuruga Ren is trying it keep his annoyance from showing. "Of course not! Just because I don't want to share my private life with the rest of the world doesn't mean that I am gay." The host smiles. She has scented a great story and she won't let is get away. "Well then, why don't prove it. Tell us, is there anyone who has the luck to have caught your eye?" OOOOH! This is going to be BIG!(Host) "I guess I can tell you a little." Cocks his head. "But you have to promise one thing." The host lights up, "What?". Ren smiles, "That will be decided afterwards. So you want to know who I have my sights on?" The host is trying her best to calm down. "YES!"
Back to Kyoko. I wonder who she is. Whoever she is, she is one lucky girl. Kyoko stops as loses herself in fairyland. Someone bumps into her. "WTH are you doing!" Sho yells. Then he realizes it's Kyoko. Kyoko yells something unintelligible, slaps him, and runs off. Sho is left there seething in anger. HOW DARE SHE!(Sho)
"Okay then. I'll tell you three things. I will not tell you guys her name though. First she has no idea that I am totally in love with her. I guess that is part of the reasons I like her. She is really dense and though it is frustrating, it is also quite cute and adorable." The host freaking out! "OMG. So THE Tsuruga Ren can't get the girl that he likes to notice him." Ren clearly annoyed. "I never said that she doesn't notice me. I only said that she doesn't realize that I am in love with her. I have been for about a year." The host totally caught by surprise. "So the most desirable man in Japan is has trouble in the romance department?" Shakes her head. Who would have ever thought that?(host). Ren clearly uncomfortable and trying to get it together sends the host his most bright scary smile. "Okay moving on then. The second thing is that she hates all things having to do with love. I'm not talking about the family type love, or the loving your friends. She has sworn off love forever." The host nods. "Now it makes more sense. One would think that she would realize if YOU were in love with her. Except it makes sense if she doesn't want to fall in love." Looks at Ren sympathetically. "Well that sucks for you. Go on, what's the third thing?" Ren sighs, he just wants to get this over with. "Fine, the third thing is that I have been getting advice from three different people about my "relationship" problems." Totally caught off guard. "Tsuruga Ren, seriously, you of all people are having to get advice from others to woo the girl you love." Shakes her head. This is soo confusing.
Kyoko jumps on her bike and races to her next job. WAHHH! I'm going be late! I can't believe I lost track of time like that. Stupid Sho-baka. This is all your fault. She stops and almost falls over. She runs into the studio to put on her Bo suite. Why do they need to me to dress up as Bo? It's not even for the regular show. I can't believe I'm doing this for this stupid talk show.(Kyoko)
These interviews are so annoying.(Ren) " Not all of the advice is needed or wanted. My manager is one of the three people always trying to give me advice. Sometimes I swear he acts like a teenage girl." Sorry Yashiro.(Ren)
"He is also the guy that you mentioned saying that I might be interested in. May I make it clear that he is also NOT gay. He has a thing for Kanea. At least I think so." OOOH! Sweet revenge.(Ren)
After Kyoko gets dressed in the Bo costume a stagehand comes into the dressing room. She says, "Bo are you ready for your surprise appearance". Kyoko looks up and nods. The stagehand gives her directions. "So he waves to you, you run out there and do what your normally do. Kay?" Kyoko smiles and rushes to her place.
After waiting for the crowd to settle down the host continues. "So who are the other people giving you advice on your love life?" Ren reluctantly continues. "Well everyone knows how the President of LME is. He loves to play love simulation games and all that. He also really enjoys playing around with his actor and actresses' love lives. Boss has been trying really hard to get us together. He loves to give us "missions" and such. Often times they end up putting us in awkward situations. Sometimes I think he does more harm than good. Sorry president. It's the truth. (Ren)
Kyoko! Get ready; it's almost your time to go on. In 1, 2, 3…
The host ponders over this new information. Hmm… "Okay so then who is the third person giving you love advice?" This outta be good, considering everything else he has told us. This is gonna make my career.(Host)
Ren sighs. "This is actually really embarrassing, but I have been getting advice from a chicken." Everyone laughs their heads off. Who would've thought that Japan's number 1 most desirable man would get advice from a chicken. Still trying to stop laughing the host says, "Hahaha, sorry, so you go to a chicken when you need love advice?" I knew I shouldn't have said anything. (Ren) "Hmph, they aren't just any normal chicken. I go to Bo the chicken from theKimagure Rock show." The host still laughing, "Oh, so how'd you guys meet?" Ren chuckles, "Actually I met Bo when I was sulking in the hall way. Don't ask about it, because I won't answer. Anyways Bo helped me out, and then told me that he/she hated me." OH! "So we kept bumping into each other and we kind of became friends.
KYOKO! It's time! GO GO GO.
The host gets her signal. "Oh well this is a surprise. We weren't expecting this. We actually invited Bo the chicken to come here and help out. So say hi to your friend there Tsuruga Ren." Totally surprised Ren says, "Hi"
Bo comes skidding out and totally bewildered. AWWW MAN! I didn't realize that this was the same talk show. What am I going to do! Calm down Kyoko you can do this.(Kyoko) Breathing heavily Bo comes and sits down next to Ren. The host is overjoyed at the turn of events. "So Ren, do you even know the identity of Bo here, and if you do will you please enlighten us." Hmm… moment of awkward silence. "Actually I don't know who my friend Bo really. I would really like to find out though." Ren turns around and tries to take Bo's head off. Kyoko freaks out and starts pecking him. Yelling, "STOP IT!" Then suddenly the hat on Bo's head comes off. It is really similar to the time with the chef hat. Bo starts to freak out. Ren is laughing and tries to apologize while laughing. The whole atmosphere is lighter now. Ren puts the hat back on and tries again the take the head off…

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